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A quick and dirty comparison.

I one of the forums, I felt I need to post an image to make a size comparison between my Fullframe DSLR and my Fuji X-T1. Needless to say: Having both cameras on the table, there is the need for a third. So I took my Sony RX100II and put the Flash Radio trigger on
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The Library Girl.

From time to time, there are locations that are more versatile than others. This one – a place, recently published in architectural publications around the world – was a wonderful, big place to shot. A lot of different possibilities, like this one. Say „Hello“ to the beautiful Floor:

From the Set … Gaby

During a photo session, there are a lot of beautiful moments – not everything can be catched in a picture. Watch Gaby as she gets ready for the shooting:

Victoria – Fashionshooting

We met for a fashion shoting in Barcelona. Here’s one of the first shots.

The girl in my apartment …

Relaxed fashion …

From a shooting in Paris with Victorienne…

Natural Light, natural Beauty!

This is Tiffany. No more words needed.

Some Beauty in black&white.

Sometimes, it pays to check for a black&white conversion …

Hey, get off the fence!

While we did some outdoor fashion, we came up with some additional ideas. Although the temperatures was rather low (5° C), Jessica insisted on doing some shoots in this setting…

Pink gloves

While I was in Paris, I ended up a shopping trip with some pink gloves.

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