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Pink gloves

While I was in Paris, I ended up a shopping trip with some pink gloves.

Beauty editing while keeping the skin structure

I’m asked frequently what I do with my model’s skin. While I don’t wan’t to explain in details what is done (which is not really a secret if you know to use Photoshop), I just want to show the before/after. As you can see in this screenshot, Beauty edit is not the same as flattening
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Sans Paroles …

When in Milano …

In May, I meet Arianna in Milano. Great surrounding, wonderful location. Best ingredients for good pictures.

It’s bedtime … isn’t it ?

Let’s check the facts before you get hypnotized by the beauty of Ewa: Hasselblad H4D-40, HC 50-110 @ 90mm, f/4.5, 1/125 sec. Enlightened with Priolite MB500

Are you looking at me ?

This beautiful moment was captured some months ago – found this on my disk drive and couldn’t resist to open and finish it for publishing.

Dark Beauty

Like what you see ?

Letters from Paris

Well, instead of letters, I send a picture from Paris… while my last shooting trip to Paris, I was happy to meet up with three models. One of them was Athena – she looks so elegant.

More Glamour needed? More Glamour served!

Yes, a beautiful girl is always a safe way to make nice photos. This time, I get a little venturous while shooting with Sara and this is what happened – more Glamour!

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