» Using a film camera

Using a film camera

Recently, I had my very big and clumsy Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II with me for a shooting. Not only it is a film camera, it is also manual focus and has a hefty weight of nearly 2 kilograms. No metering, no „Auto-ISO“ … its down to the basics, but in return, the battery lasts for months.

The name is derived from the film format – 6 x 7 cm, which gives an enormous „sensor“, compared with the thumbnail-sized sensors even from so-called „full frame“ cameras.

Also, there is the possibility to change the back and use something different. You can opt for a digital back (expensive), change to another film (also expensive, compared with digital camera) OR use a Polaroid back to instantly get a print of your result (expensive, but fast).

But then – to get this back into the computer, I used my iPhone.

Polarid from the set

(The polaroid is bigger than the cameras size, thats why there’s a black frame around the image)


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